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You will receive an indicative offer within 24 hours. This will include indicative interest rate, fees, charges and loan details.

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If you are happy with the indicative offer, we will get you to give us further information. We will then seek to have an indicative approval to you within 48 hours. It is common for this approval to be subject to a commercial property valuation.

4. Fully Approved Loan Offer

Once the valuation is returned, and conditions satisfied you will receive a formal loan approval.

5. Documentation

Formal legal loan documents will be sent out

6. Settlement

Loan settles

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  • Lease Doc 70% Commercial Loans
  • Lease Doc 65% Commercial Loans
  • Lease Doc 50% Commercial Loans (specialised securities)

We deal with principals (no brokers), minimum loan size $300,000 and purchases only (no refinances).

Please note, due to the volume of commercial loans we write, we only do commercial purchases.

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